The Camel Combination Sewer Cleaner is the most versatile combo unit in the industry allowing operators to tackle various applications with jetting, vacuuming and excavating. Whether addressing emergency situations or performing maintenance, municipalities and contractors depend on reliable and efficient equipment to get the job done.

Available Models: 900 Dump, 1200 Dump, 1200 Eject and 1200 Wastewater Recycle

The Camel Max Series sewer cleaning trucks have an optional feature of a pusher axle, which allows for increased payload capacity. Additionally, all three 1200 models come standard with a high dump subframe eliminating the need to back up a ramp for debris removal.

Mud Dog® Vacuum Excavators are designed to meet the challenges of compact, urban projects to large-scale excavation, daylighting and slot trenching projects. Regardless of the task they are utilized for, vacuum excavators offer versatility, as well as safety and productivity on the jobsite.

Available Models: Mud Dog 700, Mud Dog 1200 and Mud Dog 1600

Mud Dogs come standard with various solutions to ensure safety on and off the jobsite. The 1200 and 1600 come with the industry’s safest dumping solution, eject unloading. All units have a variety of safety features including backup cameras, visual and audio alarms and emergency stop switches.

Supersucker Industrial Vacuum Loaders are powerful and efficient and offer a safe and reliable solution to cleaning up and containing industrial waste and debris, as well as recovering and reusing raw materials from tough, hard-to-reach areas. These vacuum trucks utilize high power airflow to suck up solids, liquids, sludges and slurries and feature single-mode filtration for wet or dry material loading with no changeover required. Units come standard with a full opening, six latch tailgate and safety props. Additional model options include the high dump for dumping into various containers and the arctic for operations in frigid and subzero environments.

SuperJet Truck Mounted Sewer Jetters blast debris to clear blockages and maintain sewer lines with the industry’s strongest and smoothest single piston water pump when vacuuming extraction is not required. Each unit has convenient curb and street side fill for municipal and residential sewer cleaning and comes standard with a highly accommodating hose reel with 1000’ of 1” diameter sewer hose, has 200° rotation and a digital monitor. This allows operators to work efficiently while positioning themselves out of traffic and other hazards. The monitor displays a hose footage count, offers 20 saved settings for hose reel payout and is designed with LED panel lights to enable readability in a variety of environments. Units also come standard with rotationally molded polyethylene water tanks in a modular design that accommodate a range of water capacities and are eco-friendly.

Options include:

Jetting performance up to 4000 psi & 18 gpm
Water carrying capacity up to 750 gallons
Single or double axle
Wireless remote systems

Whether it’s for domestic, commercial or industrial drain cleaning use, we can provide the ideal trailer mounted hydro jetter, tailored to your particular requirements.

Each of our drain cleaning trailers comes fully equipped with a wide range of standard equipment, onsite commissioning, and the latest low emission diesel engines.

All Harben sewer jetters are available with a 7 channel wireless remote. This makes our equipment suitable for ‘One Man Operation,’ providing fail safe control up to 500 feet from the vehicle. Our remotes don’t just reduce labor costs, they significantly improve productivity and enhance safety.

Robust. Reliable. Intelligent.

High quality components are used in all Minicam products and our skilled technicians build each system by hand to our exacting standards.

Push Cameras, Proteus Laterals, Crawlers/Tractors

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