Diamond Mowers was founded in 2000 and is located in Sioux Falls, SD.

Tractor Boom Attachments

Rear Cradle Boom

The Rear Cradle Boom folds to the rear for clearance and visibility when in transport. The method used to attach the Rear Cradle Boom to your tractor will depend primarily on your tractor’s make and model.

The Rear Cradle Boom comes in a variety of lengths to meet application needs and tractor capabilities:

21-FT | 22-FT | 23-FT | 25-FT | 30-FT

Boom Cutting Heads

Drum Mulcher, Rotary Mower, Flail Mower, Forestry Disc Mulcher, Sawblade, and Ditcher

3-PT Boom Attachments

Diamonds 3-PT Booms are built to clean overgrowth from fence lines, cut back overgrown trees, handle CRP and terraces, ditches, waterways and more.

Self-contained unit
Mounts easily to a 3-PT hitch, adding value to your existing equipment
Multiple cutting head styles to choose from:
Rotary Mowers | Flail Mowers

Rotary Mowers

Ideal for large-scale brush clearing applications
Available Configurations: Side | Twin

Each Rotary Mower is made of impact resistant steel, and comes with a 1-year warranty on all parts and labor.

Flail Mowers

Provides a cleaner cut for a more manicured look
Available Configurations: Side | Rear | Twin | Triple | Rear Swing

Every Diamond Flail Mower comes equipped with: Self-cleaning reversible knives, Replaceable skid shoes, adjustable roller height, both the discharge flap and protective bonnet shield protect the equipment, the operator and bystanders

All-American Disc

Berm Removal
Remove berm along the roadside edge to aid in water runoff and prevent road damage.

Clump Removal
Remove clumps of rooted material for a smooth transition from road to ditch

Contour asphalt shoulders to increase road safety

Diamond All-American Disc Specs

  • Mounts to any side grader to provide stability and a longer reach
  • Mounts to any Category II 3-Pt Hitch and floats independent of the tractor
  • Weight: 1,390 lbs
  • Disc blades are 22″ in diameter